Moving House Checklist work with over 1,000 interstate furniture removalists Australia-wide and that widespread industry knowledge ensures that we can give you some valuable advice for your move before you hire an interstate furniture removals company to assist in moving your belongings and during the removal process.

When you hire interstate removalists …

When you arrange a date for your proposed intercity move with your chosen interstate removalists, we advise that you contact your utilities providers and phone and internet companies to advice them of your intention to transfer accounts to your new address. Before undertaking your interstate removals job, you should also inform other third parties of your change of address including banks, insurance companies, superannuation funds, medical practitioners, employers and any other relevant contacts. It is also a good idea to make use of your local council’s hard rubbish collection days to ensure you don’t take unwanted items to your new location.

Before the removalists are due…

In order to ensure things run smoothly on the day and you are not rushing around packing while the furniture removalists are clearing out your property it’s a good idea to start packing well in advance of your move, packing away rarely used items like books, ornaments, clothing etc.

Packing glass & china wrapped in bubble wrap and marking boxes containing fragile items clearly reduces the danger of breakages.

Securing adequate parking space at your property for the interstate furniture removalists to gain the easiest possible access to your premises is also important.

When the interstate removalists arrive…

On the day of your move, parking and space to work are important for the interstate furniture removals company to ensure they can gain easy access to and from your residence or business, reducing the chance of damage to property.

Take a list of all boxes and other items and ensure that all boxes are appropriately labeled – heavy, fragile etc. and ask your interstate removalists for Port-a-Robes to transport clothing, preventing creasing.

Heavy items should be packed individually and all boxes should be stuffed with bubble wrap, or paper to ensure boxes don’t collapse. Tape all boxes well and ensure furniture unit doors and drawers are fixed shut. Where possible remove drawers and shelves to make the furniture easier to carry and less likely to get damaged in transit.

All major appliances should be dry and clean – fridges, freezers, washing machines, stoves etc.

When the furniture removalists get to your new location….

Check arriving items against your checklist to ensure all boxes, appliances and items have arrived. Direct your furniture removalists to ensure all your belongings are placed in the desired locations in your new home or office.

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